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Author Topic: loofah seeds...
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loofah seeds...    (Posted Thu, Apr 15 '10 at 04:44 UTC)

hello... New to the forum... So far I see great info.

I just ordered Loofah seeds... Any tips and pointers for growing will be really appreciated...

Re: loofah seeds...    (Posted Thu, Apr 15 '10 at 01:58 UTC)Positive Rank

They need a long hot summer. If your growing season is under 120 days start them indoors ASAP. The vines can get 25' or longer. For straight loofah's you need to trellis the plants otherwise they are fine to run on the ground

We harvest the gourds when they are still green but full size and strip off the skins while still fresh (a lot of people will tell you wait until the skin dries but this is easier to me). In a big bucket shake out all the seeds than soak in a weak bleach solution to whiten and sterile the loofahs

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
Re: loofah seeds...    (Posted Thu, Apr 15 '10 at 05:29 UTC)

Thanks Lucy... I am in Katy texas (near Houston) I think it should be fine to just plant outdoors...We will have a long hot season... Not sure which ones I ordered...May need to check that...

Re: loofah seeds...    (Posted Fri, Apr 16 '10 at 12:53 UTC)

Also, I have a friend I will be sharing some seeds with... She has deer on her property. Will they eat them?

She had trouble with gourds a few summers back, and couldn't grow any.

 Vegetable Seeds
Re: loofah seeds...    (Posted Fri, Apr 22 '11 at 05:30 UTC)

How many Loofah seeds you need, would you pls let me knwo?

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 Sunny Gardener
 Bon Air
Re: loofah seeds...    (Posted Mon, Apr 25 '11 at 07:30 UTC)

I have found that the flowers of gourds, being somewhat bitter, deter deer. I inadvertently used them around a garden (they grew all over the fence) and the deer stayed away. The flowers are white, bloom at night with an earthy bitter smell. These were birdhouse gourds, but who knows? It might work for loofahs, too.

Lightly on the Ground
 loofah seeds...
 New York
Re: loofah seeds...    (Posted Mon, Nov 14 '11 at 11:03 UTC)

a freind of mines used one after sunbathing once though when his skin was peeling and huge chunks of brown skin and come off on it, gross XP..

elyse mitchell
 Chatsworth, GA
Re: loofah seeds...    (Posted Sat, Nov 19 '11 at 08:43 UTC)

I grew luffahs for the first time last summer. I started them in the greenhouse in the spring, and out of about 12 seeds, only 2 germinated. One made a tiny luffah and then died, but the other one made a humongous luffah, so I should have plenty of seeds for next year.

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