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Author Topic: Cabbage Pea
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  Mema and Me
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Cabbage Pea    (Posted Wed, Apr 28 '10 at 01:55 UTC)

I am helping my 85 year old Mema track down cabbage pea seed. They are a pea that her father grew when she was a child. She says they shell is white and the pea inside is green. I am having a really really hard time finding any information about them but know that they excist and others are looking for them as well. Any old timey farmer have any or know how I could get some?

 That guy
 Marengo, WI
Re: Cabbage Pea    (Posted Fri, Jul 27 '12 at 02:26 UTC)

Years ago when I was inexile in Georgia the state Ag dept had a weekly paper that farmers advertised their crops including seed. They had all kinds of peas. Maybe someone there can help, maybe you should try and contact an ag Agent there.

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