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Author Topic: Wheat grass
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Wheat grass    (Posted Tue, Feb 14 '12 at 07:23 UTC)

I used to live near East Troy and was introduced to wheat grass from a co-worker that lived near Micheal Fields. She said they were know for the best wheat grass. They no longer do that and said that it had moved to this area. What wheat berries and hand cranked wheat grass juicer does anyone recommend? I just purchased a Vitamixer for Christmas as a gift to my husband. From reading up on it, it is too powerful and will damage some of the benefits of the wheat grass. Since that was very pricey, I cannot purchase and expensive wheat grass juicer. I saw one hand crank one in a You Tube video, but I could not find it to purchase. Many of the metal hand crank ones have very mixed reviews about the paint chipping off etc. Thanks for any advice out there.

Re: Wheat grass    (Posted Tue, Feb 14 '12 at 07:51 UTC)

Wheat health juicer by Universal Housewares. Sold on for $42.83.

Catering to the unique Ferndale perspective.
Re: Wheat grass    (Posted Fri, Apr 12 '13 at 10:44 UTC)

It is healthy grass and have lot's of vitamin and protein in it.

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