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Author Topic: Coop wanted!!!
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  North Huntingdon
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Coop wanted!!!    (Posted Tue, Jan 8 '13 at 04:17 UTC)

Hi all, I desperately want to start a local Food Coop in Westmoreland County PA. We need it, people want it, and I want to get it start it....the problem is I have no business sense and don't know where to start! Help!!

Michelle Bilinsky
Re: Coop wanted!!!    (Posted Tue, Jan 8 '13 at 10:06 UTC)

contact these folks and they will get you started in the right direction

Also you will need a largish group of people working as a board to get this together and raise money and membership. I am a member of a new co-op in Ohio and it took them around 7 years to get a store open as they had to get over paid 500 members along with other monies.

Good Luck

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
Re: Coop wanted!!!    (Posted Fri, Mar 1 '13 at 10:29 UTC)

Hi, If you wouldn't mind elaborating, what are the things you want the most out of a local co-op? Do you need better access to things like seed or fertilizer, or something else?

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Re: Coop wanted!!!    (Posted Sat, Mar 2 '13 at 05:07 UTC)

Start with a buying club. Go into your kitchen and pull two funnels out of the cabinet. Place them pointy ends together. This is your organizational structure. Notice that the places where the funnels widen out are two distinct places and may even be two different sizes. These are the bottlenecks where you need two COMPETENT people (no BS, no whining, no "I'm too tired to do my orders"). One of your gatekeepers/bottleneck facilitators handles the orders from the consumers and passes a compiled order to the other gatekeeper who spreads them out to the producers. The days to order, pickup points, cash handling, etc. are all just logistics. If you have two competent gatekeepers, it doesn't matter how spaced out all the consumers are. The advantages of a buying club over a co-op are simple - no brick and mortar issues. PS: You need a $50 buyin to handle shrinkage and waste.

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Re: Coop wanted!!!    (Posted Thu, Feb 6 '14 at 08:43 UTC)

Michelle, hi I'm Adam. I live in Jeannette and I'm recently out of work after 15 yrs of warehouse management, at the same company. -They decided to sell out to a monopoly, which I'm morally opposed to. So that frees me up to finally do what I've been wanting to do for the past decade. -Start a co-op, and see how large we grow it. I'd love to hear some of ur ideas, and hopefully work together someday.

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