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Author Topic: Learn about Soils
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Learn about Soils    (Posted Sat, Sep 26 '09 at 01:50 UTC)

If there is one message I would pass on to my children and Grand Children, it is that the soil is a living organism and they should treat it that way.

Protecting the soil, cover cropping and using as many natural methods of pest and weed control as possible. Also not all bugs and weeds are undesirable. They all play a part in the ecosystem and by maintaining healthy and vibrant soil, plants that you want to grow can naturally ward off many of the pests and weeds because they are healthy.

When the soil is unhealthy the predators, whether insect or plants move in.

Grow your soils first before you ever plant the first seed and you will have a healthier and longer lasting garden. Http:// Http://
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