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Author Topic: Agro Cycle Tour and Human Energy Festival
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  Walton Wellness
  Monroe, GA
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Agro Cycle Tour and Human Energy Festival    (Posted Thu, Apr 1 '10 at 12:07 UTC)

Check out this event. It is going to be an educational and fun time!

1 day. 2 wheels. 3 tours. 1 festival.

The Agro Cycle Tour will take you through beautiful, winding, back country roads, with stops at 3 intriguing agricultural destinations.

The Tours:
* At each of the three stops, tours will be given to highlight the facilities practices.

* Down to Earth Energy is a Bio-Diesel production and research facility. Get insider information on the alternative energy debate and see how bio diesel fuel is really made.

* Darby Farms is a pastured poultry farm where you are sure to get in touch with your roots as soon you step on to this beautiful farm. Meet Daniel Dover a modern-day farmer with everything but modern techniques. Daniel will take you back in time with his sustainable farming practices borrowed from our founding fathers. Learn about the lost connection between the local farmer and the consumer and the toll it has taken on our health, the economy and our environment.
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* Whippoorwill Hollow Certified Organic Farm produces ingredients for some of the finest chefs in Atlanta. Whippoorwill is a leader in the sustainable farming movement. They have served as a model farm used to advocate for agricultural change in Washington D.C. They have been featured in numerous publications and on the Food Network. Farmer Andy Byrd is passionate about the food on your table. Whippoorwill is the host for the days events including the Human Energy Festival.

* Get a little something extra at no extra charge with the Historic loop through downtown Monroe. Enjoy the historic charm of this quaint old southern town that was home to seven Georgia Governors.

The Ride:
* May 22, 2010
* Beginning at 8:30am, leaving from Whippoorwill Hollow Organic Farm
* Entry fee includes: t-shirt, tours at each destination, entrance to the Human Energy Fest and lunch. Proceeds benefit Walton Wellness, a grant program dedicated to health prevention in Walton County.
For more information visit
* Lunch will be provided by Farm 255 of Athens
* The ride options make this ride feasible for all levels of cyclists.
* There two routes available are the full ride, a 44 mile loop, and a shorter 18.5 mile route, only including the Bio-Diesel facility tour.

* We are not in the mountains; however, both of these routes are NOT flat rides. Both loops follow low traffic, scenic back roads for most of the mileage.
* Each Agro Cycle Tour participant should be: confident on their bike, comfortable sharing the road with cars, have knowledge of traffic laws as they pertain to cyclists, wear a helmet and brightly colored clothes, and feel confident following a Que sheet or map.
* An itinerary will be set with tour times for each destination.

* Register online at

The Human Energy Festival:
* Fuel for the Future!

* The Festival is open to the public, you do not have to participate in the ride to attend!

*The Festival will begin at 11:00 am.

* The entrance fee to the festival for non-riders will be $5 for adults, $2 for students and free for children under the age of 13.

*Human Energy is the original renewable energy source and the conduit to great things past and future. Our future is dependent upon a rediscovery of our own potential as a people. That potential is directly affected by our physical health and the health of our environment.
The Human Energy Festival celebrates the synergy between our own health and the health of our environment through:
* Educational vendors
* Children's activities
* Food
* Live music
* Artisans

Walton Wellness
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