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Author Topic: Looking for sites and activities for 2010 Farm Day
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Looking for sites and activities for 2010 Farm Day    (Posted Fri, Jun 4 '10 at 06:07 UTC)

I am looking for interesting agricultural sitesn or activities around but not limited to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area (we would like to stay in the mid-west and southwest part of Mi) for the Gratiot County MSU Extension Office's 2010 Farm Day which is to be (tentatively at this time) held at some point between August 14th - 30th. This event is a two day trip in which Gratiot County farmers and others involved in agriculture get to explore what all is going on in their state.

The purpose of the tour is to inspire farm families:
~ to generate ideas
~ to analyze the resources
~ to explore possibilities that could add value, increase sustainability, and increase the profitability of their operations while benefiting their community.

What I am looking for are interesting, unique, and passionate sites that we can visit for a few hours to share information, experiences, and passions.

These sites could be (these are things we have done in the past):
~ Farms
- fine tuned cropping practices
- farm livestock processing for specialty markets
~ Farmer's Markets
~ CSAs
~ Orchards
~ Processing Facilities
~ Food Distribution Centers
~ Restaurants using locally grown produce and other products
~ Anything that relates renewable, sustainability, environmentally friendly and agriculture
~ Wildlife/Game Hunting Operations
~ Groups with unique operational agreements with other producers

I am completely open to ideas, this list is not meant to limit just to give an idea. We want to share how farmers are finding ways to be more profitable while enjoying what they do!

If you have any suggestions or would like to share something you are doing please let me know!

Also, we would really like to do something with blueberries if possible.

Thank you, Alyssa Walters
Gratiot County MSU Extension Intern

Alyssa Walters
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