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Author Topic: Volunteer for organic farm in Vietnam
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  Vina Volunteer
  Mai Chau
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Volunteer for organic farm in Vietnam    (Posted Fri, Aug 31 '12 at 04:40 UTC)


You have a period of time for free and by now you don?t know what you should spend it for. You never try to become a farmer before or you get very interested in organic farm with a lot of vegetables, fruit?You want to try and get experience about that. In VVS programs, we are conducting program call ?Organic farm for all?. The site of the program will be organized in the variety of field and types of organic farm such as: rice field, corn, potatoes, mix farm with a variety of fruits. For each season and each farm, we will conduct the suitable activities and working skill for participants in order to get the most beneficial result. There are so many people out there living on farms and in the countryside working to grow their own food, sell it, develop markets and make their way. Volunteering and living with a family is a wonderful way to learn about new cultures without being an intrusive tourist and at the same time you are giving back something to that place.
Trying to become a real farmer
Staying in homestay and help local people do some farming work such as plan tree, coin, or do some harvest field works.
Participating in some big party in the harvest field with rice field, vegetable field and enjoying with fresh food from our results or participating in the local fruit farm, you will be so surprised when enjoying the forest of litchi or grapefruit in some part of Vietnam countryside.
Getting a lot of fun from programs with a variety of culture show organized through the years.
Exploring the Vietnamese in the country side
Experiencing real Vietnamese hospitality
What our projects say
? The volunteers will help the local with a variety of farm work.
? The volunteer will play a main role in the way to make a difference in the site of projects for the local people.
? It is a great time for international volunteer to get experiences of Vietnamese people, cultural exchange and taste new things and new life abroad.
For further information, please visit

Volunteer for organic farm
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