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Author Topic: Drip Tape Irrigation Woes
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Drip Tape Irrigation Woes    (Posted Sat, Sep 1 '12 at 05:20 UTC)

Hey there: We are using drip tape (T-Tape) irrigation and it's been a disaster. The lines are constantly getting holes in them (animals most likely) and I've got a ton of splices on most of my lines at this point.

Any ideas on how to keep these things running more reliably or what kind of prevention might keep what ever is chewing on these things off them?

Thanks for any pointers or experiences! /mike

Skinny Lane Farm, Elgin, Texas
Re: Drip Tape Irrigation Woes    (Posted Fri, Sep 7 '12 at 10:00 UTC)

Burry it an inch under the soil/mulch this will keep it more insulated from the elements and creatures.

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