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Author Topic: organic farming system!
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organic farming system!    (Posted Sun, Sep 2 '12 at 10:44 UTC)

hi all,

I'm definitely glad to come across such a big organic farming forum!

i wanted to share with any farmer/grower how they can improve they're crops drastically through system that's being used in Asia and through out the the world.
The link below are some testimonials of farmers and how they improved their crops with this system.

if you have any questions please do let me.

Re: organic farming system!    (Posted Wed, Jan 23 '13 at 10:24 UTC)

Organic farming aims at cultivating land that sustains the health of soil and rising crops to grow faster.
 New York
Re: organic farming system!    (Posted Wed, Jun 12 '13 at 05:37 UTC)

Hi Plasmic,
Thanks for the link you provided that gave me information about how farmers have improved their farming methods by the use of organic farming. Organic agriculture is safer and avoids the use of chemicals and pesticides so widely adopted by farmers now a days. If you want organic fertilizers then you can follow the below link.

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