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Author Topic: The Future of Growing and Agriculture...
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The Future of Growing and Agriculture...    (Posted Tue, Sep 4 '12 at 10:46 UTC)

Volksgrun is growing the green without fertilizers or pesticides at the same time Volksgrun recover the spoiled by fertilizers soil usually in an inert substance such as rain water ionized by a special Volksgrun's technique, to hold the roots for ideal water and nutrient absorption. Volksgrun dates back 50 years, as there is evidence that ancient civilizations grew plants without fertilizers. Nutrients/water are vital to the success of growing. There are 3 essential elements that a plant needs to grow: soil, water and weather. Equally as important as nutrition are the factors of light, temperature (heating and cooling), and carbon dioxide. Insects play a key role in pollination and efficiency of plantation. When you combine all of these factors, you create the controlled environment necessary for a optimal green and biologically clean agriculture.The main benefits of Volksgrun technique include increased plant/yield productivity, receiving a high yield per plant per plantation area and having fresh and healthy products. Today, there are many varieties of plants grown alternatively serving many different market segments, including farm stands, grocery stores, restaurants, processing plants and institutions. Volksgrun operations vary in size from small operations (less than 1,000 square feet) to large operations farming many acres.At Volksgrun plantation concept, we believe that health of water will be a growth factor of the future due to the rising global population, climate change, the desire for healthier lifestyles, and the increase in food-borne diseases from conventional farming practices. Volksgrun has strategically partnered with Ahnenerbe experiences to provide you the highest quality green and biologically healthy plantation' products. We take an individual approach with every customer to design and build your specific yields maximized, factoring in your crop type, location and overall budget. Our experienced weather and soil researching professionals will closely assess your needs to determine what type of soil structure is best suited for you and then outfit your greenhouse with the correct environmental control factors. Contact us so that we can be a part of soil and Earth healing plan for success to meet today's agricultural demands and folk's health.

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