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Author Topic: Organic growing info
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Organic growing info    (Posted Thu, Nov 8 '12 at 04:37 UTC)

Hello organics community! I am a student at UCLA and am doing research for my master's thesis project. I need a little data from the organic growing community Please help me by taking one or both of these short surveys. Thank you.
If you are an organic grower please click:
If you are a consumer of organically grown product please click:
I understand the aversion to clicking on links, so in case you were wondering, "qualtrics" is a highly reputable survey platform and there are no risks in clicking the above links. Feel free to google "qualtrics" if you have any doubts. Thank you very much for those who take the time to do the survey!

 Brighton, CO
Re: Organic growing info    (Posted Fri, Jan 11 '13 at 10:19 UTC)

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Hobby Garden Seed Store
Re: Organic growing info    (Posted Sat, Jan 19 '13 at 04:36 UTC)

For the past 10 years, we have grown all types of fruit trees, nut trees, oak trees and shrubs for delivery and sale to both the southern U.S. and the entire country. Call (936) 556-3002 for information on available varieties.
 Zhengzhou China
Re: Organic growing info    (Posted Sat, Mar 9 '13 at 02:01 UTC)

concrete mixer
 New York
Re: Organic growing info    (Posted Fri, Jun 14 '13 at 06:06 UTC)

Though I am not a organic grower but still I am interested in organic gardening. This is a better method than the conventional farming that saves our environment and enriches the soil quality. People are also health conscious and choosing organic.

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