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Author Topic: Organic Fertilizer
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  Joshua Tree
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Organic Fertilizer    (Posted Tue, Jan 8 '13 at 09:22 UTC)

I have found a local source for worm castings.
760 366-9227

Organic fertilizer- I am a supplier of worm cast and worm castings (1/16" mixed with special compost mix.
Re: Organic Fertilizer    (Posted Thu, Jan 10 '13 at 06:40 UTC)

Oganic fertilizer will really acts as a conditioner for both soil and plants, which helps in preventing from soil erosion.
Re: Organic Fertilizer    (Posted Fri, May 10 '13 at 03:58 UTC)


This is zincsulfate from Rech Chemical Co.Ltd.Rech Chemical Co., Ltd is a supplier of inorganic sulfate salts such as zinc sulfate,ferrous sulfate,manganese sulfate and magnesium sulfate.More Info. in
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