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Author Topic: most profitable crop
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  L'il Farmer
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most profitable crop    (Posted Fri, Apr 20 '12 at 06:27 UTC)

I was in the garden today thinking about what crops cost the least to grow. Then also what crops are the most profitable when you factor in cost and then earnings. I read a book where a farmer had figured out the cost per square foot to grow, cultivate, harvest and sell various crops and then he used the info to change his amounts. I found that interesting but I have no desire to do the work of it!
So you have crops that produce once and are done like cauliflower and carrots, and you have crops that keep produing like tomatoes, beans, broccoli and baby lettuce. But then you have space rental if you will. Some crops take the whole season and some are more like 60 days and another crop can go in the same space. I wish there was a chart with hard intel on this stuff.

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