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Author Topic: Pricing my Produce at the Market
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Pricing my Produce at the Market    (Posted Sat, May 5 '12 at 05:08 UTC)

I grow hydroponically, organic and pesticide free. I'm in college, I major in horticulture so growing for this years farmers market really interested me. I am growing Rocky Top Lettuce Mix, Beit Alpha Cucumber, Cilantro, Parsley Giant Of Italy, Tess's Land Race Currant, Arugula, Lavender, Chinese Chives Mixed, and Ananas Noire or Black Pineapple Tomatoes. I am also growing Shiitake and Blue Oyster mushrooms. They are all heirloom varieties(not mushrooms), so my question is what exactly can I price these for. I am from Connecticut and been trying to do some research but cannot find anything. I was on our farmers market website and happend to see some pictures and I saw a guy at his stand pricing his heirloom tomatoes for 5.00lb is that reasonable?

Re: Pricing my Produce at the Market    (Posted Sat, May 5 '12 at 08:34 UTC)Positive Rank

If he is selling local tomatoes at this time of year, $5.00 a pound sounds reasonable. I have been selling mine for $3.00 a pound for years and that is in the midst of summer and fall. Your best bet is to take a price sheet with you to the local farmers market and write down prices. When I do this, I usually only write down the lowest price. You have to make decisions when you do data collection, but that is just par for the course. "Does this compare to the stall next to it because one stall prices by the bunch/head/piece while the other prices by the pound?" "How much kale/lettuce/chard is in that bunch anyway?" Etc., etc., etc.

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Re: Pricing my Produce at the Market    (Posted Sat, May 5 '12 at 02:44 UTC)

And what exactly is the weight of a bunch of parsley or cilantro?

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Re: Pricing my Produce at the Market    (Posted Sat, May 5 '12 at 07:13 UTC)

Great post idea.

Perhaps we could start a post with ideas about what is a reasonable "bunch" of different veggies and herbs. When you don't have a certified scale, you're required to sell products by the each, head, bunch, container, etc.

I know the prices will vary based on each market, but it would give folks a good idea of pricing.

I like Walter's idea of canvassing the market and noting prices.

In past years, I've gone to the local grocery and actually counted, and or weighed items, noting how much is in a bunch, or container, and then computed my prices.

I think the most variance comes in lettuces and herbs.

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Re: Pricing my Produce at the Market    (Posted Tue, May 8 '12 at 07:14 UTC)

I make sure to check prices at a nice supermarket too (I work at one so this is easy). That is competition too. Sometimes they are very high on certain things, like rhubarb and bell peppers for instance. Check both the conventional and organic produce prices.

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