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Author Topic: Fresh Flower Rookie!
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Fresh Flower Rookie!    (Posted Tue, May 8 '12 at 04:33 UTC)

I absolutely LOVE flowers! But I don't know very much about them! I'm working towards getting into nursing school but I want to do something on the side. We have a small local farmers market in my home town. I want to sell fresh flowers by the stem. Does anybody have any helpful advice for me? How do I keep them alive and looking fresh from the time I pick them up from the wholesale store until I leave the farmers market at night? Is there anything really important I need to know? I would really appreciate your help! Thank you!!


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 Big Lake, MN
Re: Fresh Flower Rookie!    (Posted Tue, May 8 '12 at 07:20 UTC)

First make sure the market doesn't require you to grow what you sell. They all do around here.

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Re: Fresh Flower Rookie!    (Posted Fri, May 11 '12 at 08:33 UTC)

They do not require the flowers to be homegrown at this farmers market.

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