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Author Topic: Looking for ChokeCherry Jam/Jelly
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  Saint Paul
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Looking for ChokeCherry Jam/Jelly    (Posted Mon, Aug 20 '12 at 08:48 UTC)

My uncle has Alzheimers Disease his Birthday is 8/25, he will now only eat his toast or bread with this jam/jelly and I cannot find any. We will be leaving to see him in Bismarck ND for his BD celebration, he would be so happy to have some of his favorite jam. Any suggestions where I may find some here near St.Paul MN? Thank You kindly

 Destiny's Herbs
 Cedar Rapids
Re: Looking for ChokeCherry Jam/Jelly    (Posted Fri, Feb 8 '13 at 06:06 UTC)

Did you ever find your chokecherry jelly? I think I know of a place in Eastern Iowa that has it available. There is an Amish community south of us (Kalona) where lots of goodies like that are found. Hopefully you found some for the birthday boy!


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Re: Looking for ChokeCherry Jam/Jelly    (Posted Sun, Feb 10 '13 at 09:49 UTC)

Kimberly, it is with great interest that I read your recent post concerning ChokeCherry jam. Our need for this product is for a much different reason but I would certainly like to have more information on this item and any others which contain this fruit. Is there any way I can get my email address to you?

 Prairie Girl
 Detroit Lakes
Re: Looking for ChokeCherry Jam/Jelly    (Posted Sat, Mar 9 '13 at 07:31 UTC)

Small stores around Detroit Lakes have it!

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