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Author Topic: PYO Strawberry Field
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PYO Strawberry Field    (Posted Mon, Oct 15 '12 at 07:40 UTC)

Hello. I would like some feedback from other farmers. I own a 30 ac farm. I want to plant 2 acs in a PYO strawberry field for 2013. I want to use them as annuals. What types did they plant and when did they plant them? Any suggestions for anyone would be very welcome. Thanks, Kathy. Gingersnap Farm, Trappe MD

 farmer brian
Re: PYO Strawberry Field    (Posted Tue, Oct 16 '12 at 01:20 UTC)Negative Rank

I would check with my insurance agent before doing anything, our company will not insure a pyo.

Re: PYO Strawberry Field    (Posted Wed, Nov 28 '12 at 04:17 UTC)

Before you start planting, definitely be sure that you can be insured, most insurance companies that I've dealt with REFUSE to cover any PYO.

Depending upon your location/zone, it would determine which variety and when to plant.

I'm in Zone 5, and have been able to pick berries the spring after fall planting on Jewel and Earlyglow. these are the only 2 varieties that I've planted lately.

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