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Author Topic: Fresh Beets and Carrots
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Fresh Beets and Carrots    (Posted Mon, Jan 21 '13 at 05:34 UTC)

I'm looking to buy a few pounds of fresh beets and carrots to improve my liver. Can you ship to Greenville, SC?

My apartment building has a few plant boxes about 4'x6'. I'd also be interested in some good seeds for large tomatoes, melons, peppers and maybe squash.

You can contact me by email at arnett.. Thanks.

Re: Fresh Beets and Carrots    (Posted Wed, Jan 23 '13 at 09:38 UTC)

Not only vegetables even fruits such as citrus, apples and berries are very good for liver functionality. You can plant fruit trees by online farm nursery which delivers high quality fruit trees at affordable cost.
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