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Author Topic: Reusable produce crates/bins
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Reusable produce crates/bins    (Posted Wed, Feb 27 '13 at 06:09 UTC)

Does anyone know where I can find some reusable plastic produce crates/bins for transporting veggies/fruits to market? Looking for a place in the Western NC area.

They look like this:

I've been told to go to a nursery in the case they had some bulb crates, but no luck. Any help or tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

Re: Reusable produce crates/bins    (Posted Thu, Feb 28 '13 at 02:56 UTC)
this is the company that makes pretty much all the different totes and crates you see in the food and farming Biz.

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
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