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Author Topic: Growers Needed
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  Backyardbounty Coop
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Growers Needed    (Posted Sun, Jan 12 '14 at 07:18 UTC)

Backyard Bounty Co-Op is a group of Clark County growers/producers interested in creating a venue for local fresh produce, honey, flowers, salts and value added items. We combine all our surplus
from our own gardens and fields to create a small market of food to sell at local weekly markets/
and/or for special events as requested. This is a great opportunity to test your enturperner ideas in the market without a huge financial cost. If you are interested in joining us in creating naturally grown fruits, vegetables, honey and other items, and your Garden/business is in Clark County, contact us for more information. We'd love to meet and work with like minded individuals

Backyardbounty is a local Co-op in Vancouver Washington that sells fruits and vegetables at farmers markets, and various other outlets. Would you like to join our group?
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