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Author Topic: need franchisers world wide(11659)
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need franchisers world wide(11659)    (Posted Tue, Feb 25 '14 at 06:50 UTC)

need franchisers world wide(11659)
we need franchiser world wide
we are offer big bonuses, heavy commissions
and lots of opportunities world wide, get
ready to join for end earn joy of working(11659)

Re: need franchisers world wide(11659)    (Posted Wed, Feb 26 '14 at 07:18 UTC)

Dear Local Harvest,
My Name is Gwen Gvantsa Chkhikvadze. I am writting from the Country Georgia where I moved from Southampton, NY couple of moths ago.
I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia and left for United States when I was 15, and 11 years later I have decided to come back help my country develop any way I can. Georgian Land is diverce dispite the size of the country. It is rich in soil and water supply. Unfortunatelly Soviet Regime that country was forced to be part of really devistated argriculture, Soviets as you can imagine with an unbalanced supply-demand system managed to discourage farmers to produce high quality since the demand was absurd. One example being, Georgia (the country that has a legitimate claim on the invention of wine) has over 500 types of vine, but Soviets demanded only 7 type because of this Georgia has lost almors 128 different type of vine.
I have B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science, together with Mr. Andro Barnovi (Founder of Wine association, Movement for Independence and Euro-integration) we are working on Creating Aggricultural association. My dear friend David A. Falkowski and many amazing farmers in you wonderful community are the ones that I admire and it has become my dream to inspire Georgian farmers to take pride in their work. Our country will sign Association agreement with EU this year, and we hope that we can join NATO. Russian government will possibly try to keep Georgia in vacuum. I don't want to loose you in the History but please keep in mind while reading my letter that Georgia has been a sovereign state for many centuries Starting from B.C. and food and wine and the celebration and caring for land is in our DNA. I want to creat farmers market in Georgia. Market that will positively compete with food Bazar and High Brand Super Markets (Karfur, GoodWill, FoodMart). I believe only way to feed the world is to inspire locals to farm as much as they can. Farmers Market will not only help farmers supply their amazing food and products but also I want this Farmers Market to help local farmers become interested and produce new products that will be Ecologically clean, Nature friendly and interesting for the market. (Examples: Having such a relationship with wine and grapes, no one in the country makes grape seed oil, very limited ammount is imported from Greece).
Finally, I want to help Georgian Farmers and The country itself become more sulf-sufficient, farmers are open to learning and I along with amazing friends, philosophers, political analist and politicians are willing and get down and work hard.
I am using your website and the list of products as an inspiration and if we can work together that would be wonderful, I am an American Citizen as well as Georgian and Long Island is my home away from home I can come and meet in person when needed.
I look forward to your reply and I hope we can become partners and spread the joy that your community stands by, arround the world.


Gwen Gvantsa Chkhikvadze

Tbilisi, Georgia (+995-595-4000-37)
Kutaisi, Georgia (+994-0431-244-220)
Long Island, NY (516-581-2028 Stephen Mannino)
P.O. Box 3034
Southampton, NY 11968

Re: need franchisers world wide(11659)    (Posted Sat, Mar 1 '14 at 09:01 UTC)

im interesting

kindly email me back details
im living ny state..
my email adress


 John FreshPoint
Re: need franchisers world wide(11659)    (Posted Sun, Mar 2 '14 at 05:13 UTC)

Just joined the forum. I work for FreshPoint Produce Co. in Atlanta, GA. We are a fresh produce distributor that delivers local produce as well as conventional produce to customers throughtout the Southeastern part of the US. We also work closely with local farmers (large & small) in our region offering our customers fresh local produce. Chef's that are interested in "Farm to Table" products; we can support with our local farmers' initiative we started a few years ago.

If there is anything or questions about our fresh product program - please let me know.
Best regards,
John Ficken

John Ficken
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