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Author Topic: Help Students Learn to Live Sustainably
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  Triway Sustainable
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Help Students Learn to Live Sustainably    (Posted Wed, Aug 15 '12 at 01:59 UTC)

This is a different kind of community supported agriculture, but very fitting. Please consider supporting me as I continue in my third year with this program. We are called Triway Junior High Sustainalbe Living.

We compost all of our cafeteria waste (plant matter), in order to reduce our trash-to-landfill flow AND to enrich our school garden. The kids grow crops in the fal, winter and spring, which in turn fund our program costs, such as seeds, straw, hoses, hand tools and so on.

Each year about 24 students go as deep as possible into organic gardening practices, learning things from seed selection and germination, to harvesting and storing foods. We also apply some of our time to volunteer at our local food coop. Each year we earn money through foosball tournaments which we donate to the Wayne County Animal Shelter, to help dogs and cats in need. This may not sound like it fits into our program, but through a closer look you can see that it is very important to our sustainablilty that the students learn to be civicly involved and that they are comfortable donating to important causes.

Please consider us whenever you have old tools to retire, or if you have extra straw or manure that we could use. Anything helps. Or just write to say hello. And likewise, if we can help you in any way, please let us know. We really are all in this together.

Rick Gatliff

Helping students learn to compost, grow organic foods, and take great care of our resources.
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