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Author Topic: csa
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  Kent Island
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csa    (Posted Sun, Sep 9 '12 at 09:31 UTC)

At first, I was concerned about the quality and quantity of the food we were receiving from my CSA. Yesterday, I got an email that the CSA is DISCONTINUING all future deliveries for this year! We have received 10 of 20 promised weekly deliveries. The CSA email blamed everything from their broken down tractor to the lack of rain early, too much rain late, lack of experience with organic farming and bugs! Is there anything we can do. The only thing the CSA offered was to give us our unfilled weeks next year. I am not sure I really want to deal with this farm again next year!!!!

 L'il Farmer
 Big Lake, MN
Re: csa    (Posted Tue, Sep 11 '12 at 03:51 UTC)

I sure wish we would stop hearing about farms like this. It is so disappointing!

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