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Author Topic: Starting Community Assisted Grain Growing in New Zealand
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  Golden Bay New Zealand
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Starting Community Assisted Grain Growing in New Zealand    (Posted Tue, Sep 25 '12 at 11:21 UTC)

Kia ora from from down under, I have a big ask - but an important one for us locally. This is a small isolated rural area on the top west of the south Island of New Zealand. Its a temperate environment with a wide range of micro climates and good soils. We have heaps of diary cow herds here. There are also some very successful vegetable growing set ups, markets etc
I work part-time as an environmental educator and have been networking to find a farmer who has the right machinery and attitude to grow grain here with community assistance. Currently no one grows grain here for human consumption let alone organically! However times are a-changing :-)
I've found the right farmer and land but we only have a general idea of how to set this up - SO - any examples of contracts, set up arrangements/structures, money systems etc would be greatly appreciated - Please?
We thought we would start with only a few hectares the first year - to learn, but with the intention of 'growing it' in both numbers involved, acerage and variety of crops.
At the moment I'm thinking something like '50 people all putting in a set amount of money, the farmer draws down the money needed for each stage of the growing/harvesting. Once harvested the 50 people will get an equal share each' - it sounds simple but I imagine there are some hic-cups we could avoid from your learnings.
Thanks so much for any help you can give us - its very exciting!

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