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Author Topic: Looking for CSA for lower income in Binghamton NY
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  Binghamton NY
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Looking for CSA for lower income in Binghamton NY    (Posted Mon, Oct 8 '12 at 04:24 UTC)

Both my partner and myself are on disability and are working with one pension. I have assistance for shopping but to actually shop HEALTHY is killing us financially. Its hard when you have to decide if you can afford food or afford to pay for your meds for the month. I have been looking for a CSA or a farmers market that will either take payments for thier CSA as we both realize that if we dont start eating healthy...neither one of us are going to be here to lead a healthier life. Its sad but just to do a SMALL healthy shopping with vegetables and one small package of meat....and two bags of fruit...harldy anything and we went thru a whole $160. I would gladly make payments to a CSA . We cant work on a farm unfortunately or help unless we can do something sitting...but we would gladly help in any way we can just to be part of. We both have numerous health issues and its sad that now as adults to change your whole life and how you were brought up to eat is pretty much set up for failure by our own government. Its just sad and it makes me want to cry.....Any and all help would be appreciated....


Re: Looking for CSA for lower income in Binghamton NY    (Posted Mon, Oct 8 '12 at 05:23 UTC)

Hi Peggy ,
I am too far away to help . I would like to make a suggestion since I have been very poor in the past. If you have a place that gets some sun, try to begin to grow in containers... even fresh herbs such as chives , celery, mints and parsley... all easy to grow year round in a planter in a sunny window or with a florescent light.. Try sprouting -The seeds are cheap and go a long way giving good nutrition..... and buying beans and grains in bulk . I used to shop once a month and lived without electricity . I was vegetarian at the time and did get cheese and eggs as well as cabbage and onions.A whole chicken makes a good stock for soups or a rice stir fry as well as many meals . I hope this helps :)Sharon

Sharon Carson
Re: Looking for CSA for lower income in Binghamton NY    (Posted Mon, Oct 8 '12 at 03:28 UTC)

I tried an experiment this year (2012) of giving out free CSA shares to low-income people. I got recommendations for four shares, two from one person and two from a community organization called Parent 2 Parent in Bellingham. Of the four shares, one family missed their pickup one day so I cut them off. (They were also problems in other ways.) One person gave up her share because she is on some sort of diet where she eats a lot of mangoes, coconuts and avocados to help with her spiritual quest and couldn't comprehend eating locally and in season. The other two are appreciative.

I advertised for donations both on Local Harvest and through local outlets - any amount appreciated, no matter how small. I have yet to receive even a dime. None of my free shareholders were required to work. I do get some help from the person who recommended two of the shares and she has been a willing worker and is also learning valuable skills.

Another interesting anecdote: A couple of years ago a group in Renton (southern suburb of Seattle) tried setting up a FREE market stand in one of the "food deserts" in Renton. They couldn't even give the food away!

It is amazing is it not?

Catering to the unique Ferndale perspective.
Re: Looking for CSA for lower income in Binghamton NY    (Posted Tue, Oct 23 '12 at 08:32 UTC)

We've opened our farm in the past for low income folks to come glean the fields. Last Fall we had over 1200# of cabbage, Kale and broccoli in the fields. I sent out over 300 emails "advertising" FREE organic veggies. Not one person came out to harvest and a large food pantry in St Louis that accepts fresh vegetables said they'd be happy to accept it if I harvested, boxed and delivered it to them 70+ miles away. Oh, they offered a tax deduction receipt. Since I had no taxable income last year I left it in the field for our chickens, sheep and local deer to eat over the Winter. My family ate well too.

Mike Brabo Vesterbrook Farm Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Ps 34:8
 Binghamton NY
Re: Looking for CSA for lower income in Binghamton NY    (Posted Sat, Oct 27 '12 at 04:44 UTC)

Hi all.... sorry i was not able to get back to everyone sooner
But we had a family urgency i needed to tend to. My youner
sister has Aids from a surgery years ago and is not at
her best but she keeps fighting thank you God.

As far as noone showing to harvest...that was truly a shame. .
Unfortunately my partner and i are disabled and cant harvest
but we CAN help clean and box and do alot of other help aslong
as it doesnt consist of standing for hours or lifting heavy stufff.

It is a shame that so many WANT or FEEL thet deserve
just because of thier situations....and more of us werent
and just lumped in with all even though we WANT SO BADLY
TO BE PART OF...and are looked at as useless. I am sure
friuts and or veggies could be cleaned....checked over
and boxed or helped by some sitting dow. Either way we
are still searching and im doing the best i can for now.
Thank yo for the suggestions...i will see what i ca do on
my end with those who might be willing to lend a hand....
definitely no handouts expected. Everyone stay warm
and have a great weekend....


Re: Looking for CSA for lower income in Binghamton NY    (Posted Mon, Jan 28 '13 at 08:13 UTC)

Peggy- contact the Binghamton Urban Farms, which is run within the non-profit VINES program, to see if they might have a program available to suit your financial needs. ALSO, contact the Food and Health Network of Central New York, and inquire there about any CSA in the area that might be working with financially disadvantaged customers.

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