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Author Topic: Very small urban/suburban CSA
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Very small urban/suburban CSA    (Posted Mon, Dec 31 '12 at 01:14 UTC)

Hi - I am an experienced grower of 15 years (trained in permaculture and biodynamics) who did not work for another farm in the 2012 season ( had another job), but without really focusing on it I grew a pretty decent amount of food on my small property. For example 130lbs of cucumbers and more than that in heritage tomatoes. I have a very diverse variety of stuff as well, not just the traditional veggies Anyway, It was way more than the few people I know around here could consume. I ended giving away quite a bit for free to strangers. This year I have decided I need the money why not sell. I think farmers markets are out as I do not want to deal with the WIC/SNAP certification. Probably not worth it for the volume I will be doing. I could easily supply 5 or 6 families with a weekly CSA though. I am wondering what the best way to advertise this is?

 L'il Farmer
 Big Lake, MN
Re: Very small urban/suburban CSA    (Posted Tue, Jan 1 '13 at 07:13 UTC)

I only advertise here and get all the customers I need.

Grandma's Garden, naturally raised veggies, herbs and cut flowers.
Re: Very small urban/suburban CSA    (Posted Tue, Jan 1 '13 at 11:03 UTC)

It have had very few customers for anything local via local harvest . I did meet one friend who has been supportive but that is it . I think you need to network or your own website . I don't want to do CSA but do have a lot of foods and plants to offer but get little response locally .It could be where we live. :)

Sharon Carson
 Chino Valley
Re: Very small urban/suburban CSA    (Posted Tue, Mar 12 '13 at 11:12 UTC)

As far as I know, you aren't required to accept WIC or SNAP. Maybe your farmers market requires it? Ours doesn't, but we love the programs. We individually accept WIC checks, and the market processes EBT by providing tokens that can only be used at the market. Good luck.

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