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Author Topic: Foodstamps/CalFresh
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  Food Stamps/CalFresh
  San Diego, CA
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Foodstamps/CalFresh    (Posted Wed, Jan 9 '13 at 09:12 UTC)

Hi there, I recently discovered the secret to eating healthy with a low budget. I am a single mother and a college student. Unfortunately, my funds do not allow my to pay cash for food, however I want to raise my daughter to eat healthy, I want to be healthy, feel good and live long. I was wondering if there's any way to use my food stamps for any of the produce that I would be purchasing, if so, you have a loyal customer right here! I just don't know how these things work yet. Any info is appreciated!!

Thanks much!
Rebekah S.

Re: Foodstamps/CalFresh    (Posted Sun, Jan 13 '13 at 02:05 UTC)

Depending on your state and the procedure, basically, if I understand you, YOU buy mostly organic/produce and a few staples. I am sure you will get enough to eat nutritiously, and go to food bank or other community offerings that perhaps offer low or no pay for their food which is often fruit or veggies, so that is a few suggestions. My heart goes out to you and me and all of us underemployed or struggling. We have to be creative and help each other. :)

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