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Author Topic: CSA's in Brazil
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  Fortaleza Brazil
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CSA's in Brazil    (Posted Wed, Jan 23 '13 at 05:19 UTC)

Hi everybody!
Just going thorugh this delightful site (congrats!!), packed with great references, wonderful (and brave) people, products and CSA-based distribution channels for organic products. I am from Brazil and have set up the first (to my knowledge) CSA-run association in the Northeast of this country (ADAO), with much success, I dare say (since 1994). An ex- organic farm general manager at the age of 51, I would like to do as much as I can, in order to divulge, inform, help open or take part in as many CSA's as possible in Brazil. Perhaps work with a CSA International Federation, I you know of any, bring the consumer closer to local farming, to put it short. The main objective here is to 'create distribution channels that enable access to organic products at lower prices than their 'air-conditioned, wide parking placed, outrageously highly-priced' supermarket organic equivalents. You see, organic products in this country are often sold at 300-400% over conventional prices, being available for only 'a few', unfortunately. CSA's are undisputedly the best way to go in this regard. I heard little about end-pricing in the (very welll written) 'Home' preview of LocalHarvest. Does anybody have an idea of how to foster a family of CSA's in a doable fashion? Organic salutes!

Hello, my name is Richard and I'm a CSA promoter in Brazil. I wish to exchange info with the CSA american community.
Re: CSA's in Brazil    (Posted Tue, Mar 26 '13 at 03:27 UTC)

Richard please contact me at: - I want to move to Brazil in the northeast off the Belem area. I have the largest private collection of seeds in existence and am worried about customs and my seeds. The collection is 11,600 types of seeds and they are looking for a "home" Let me know if there is a way to work with a "new" local seedbank where the seeds can land at safely.

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