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Author Topic: payment in winter
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  L'il Farmer
  Big Lake, MN
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payment in winter    (Posted Fri, Jan 25 '13 at 11:35 UTC)

Do you have your shareholders pay in full when they sign up, pay some down and the rest before it begins, or just pay in full some time before the season begins? Every year I have trouble getting them to get their half down to me this time of year and I need it to buy supplies and seeds.

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 Twin Falls
Re: payment in winter    (Posted Sat, Jan 26 '13 at 05:45 UTC)

I require payment in full before the first delivery.

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Re: payment in winter    (Posted Sat, Jan 26 '13 at 05:52 UTC)

I hear farmers complain about this every year. That is why I use multi-tiered pricing. Full shares are $550 but shareholders get substantial discounts for early payment. $450 in January, $475 in February, $500 in March, $525 in April, full price of $550 in May or after. $300 for half shares anytime right up to start of the season in June.

Either you are going to have to make it worthwhile to get money in early or you won't get it. You may think your shareholders have your best interests at heart, but in reality you are waaayyyyy down on their list of priorities.

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Re: payment in winter    (Posted Sat, Jan 26 '13 at 07:14 UTC)

I always thought that the best time for people to sin up for shares would be the previous fall . In this way the grower could plan the garden including putting down amendments ect as well as order seed well before the seed planting time in Feb/March . This would allow the grower to focus on planting not recruiting . This is not however the way it is currently done . All the risk and work is done by the grower. There used to be a core group of consumers involved in this but that seems to have disappeared for the most part. I think most consumers are thinking of the holidays not about their food supply that time of year. :)Sharon

Sharon Carson
 L'il Farmer
 Big Lake, MN
Re: payment in winter    (Posted Sun, Jan 27 '13 at 01:51 UTC)

Interesting. I have received $1020. Much of it is because my MIL likes to pay in full immediately. I have lots of supplies to order in the next 2 weeks including soilless mix, greenhouse film, row cover, shade fabric, drip parts, sweet potato and strawberry plants!

Grandma's Garden, naturally raised veggies, herbs and cut flowers.
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