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Author Topic: LOVE CSA
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LOVE CSA    (Posted Wed, Feb 6 '13 at 07:08 UTC)

My family and I joined CSA last year. We love it...we have been eating fresh veggies all winter...I freezed the peppers, kale, corn and more. So nice to have farm "fresh" things all year. This summer I pickled cucumbers, corn salsa, salsa, and tomatoe sauce. We have been eating it all up ....fresh, home-made food, and giving lots away too as food gifts. And most importantly, we had eggplant all husband loves homemade eggplant parm....and we fry it fresh, freeze it and the make casseroles as we need it....Love the CSA.

Re: LOVE CSA    (Posted Fri, Mar 29 '13 at 02:39 UTC)

How would I get into doing something like that? What is the average cost of joining a CSA?

Re: LOVE CSA    (Posted Fri, Mar 29 '13 at 09:48 UTC)

take a look at the CSA farms listed here on Local Harvest. Just click on the CSA tab in the menu above to get yourself started.

The average cost is around $25 to $30 a week which in most cases you will pay in full up front when you join. be sure you are joining a real CSA run by a farmer or farmers and not a Fake or conglomerate CSA which is really just a buying club that resells products, some of which are from local farmers but most things are not. A great way to be able to tell the difference is ask for a tour of the CSA farm, if they won't give you a short tour that is a red flag. Also go for experience, if you find a cheap CSA but they have been doing market farming less than 5 years you will get what you pay for (usually less than you expected).

You need to join one soon, as most CSA's sell out by mid April

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
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