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Author Topic: Contacted by USDA Today
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  Goose Creek garden
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Contacted by USDA Today    (Posted Tue, Feb 19 '13 at 03:31 UTC)

I was contacted by my state's USDA today for a "mandatory" survey. They found my contact info here on Local Harvest.

The survey includes information about how much my personal home is worth, how much I work in non gardening related jobs, as well as general info about how many acres I garden (3/4 of an acre). This is really, really intrusive and I'm really unhappy that my listing here was used in this way.

Re: Contacted by USDA Today    (Posted Tue, Feb 19 '13 at 06:41 UTC)

Are you sure they didn't find you via your tax forms? If you fill it a Form F than you get the Ag Census survey.

It is not Local Harvest giving out information. the USDA and others can glean your contact information from your LH page since most if us put contact info on that page so people can find us to buy from us simply by surfing the site. the only way to stop that from happening is to not have any contact information including links to remote sites about your farm and that would mean no sales for you.

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
 Grand Rapids
Re: Contacted by USDA Today    (Posted Wed, Feb 20 '13 at 02:10 UTC)

I'm in Michigan and I got the same call today. When I asked how they found me he said he didn't know.

I was driving so I asked him to mail me a survey.
Re: Contacted by USDA Today    (Posted Wed, Feb 20 '13 at 02:11 UTC)

Yes it is intrusive and ultimately not worth much. The USDA uses the info to buttress their programs but if you look at their methodology it is just as hackneyed as most psychology/sociology surveys. Speaking as a former statistics tutor, anytime you try to capture the whole population, you get poorer results than if you do a random sample. It is all political. For example, the Repooplicans like the census because it misses a lot of poor people, while the Democraps like random sampling because it includes a lot of poor people.

Catering to the unique Ferndale perspective.
Re: Contacted by USDA Today    (Posted Wed, Feb 20 '13 at 05:09 UTC)

I tried to avoid this whole "Mandatory "survey which was sent here yearly for years . If you don't return it, they will show up on your door step on a Sunday and ask questions. They literally had false info on my info, saying I had goats and ducks which we have never raised . Most of the questions on the survey had no relationship to my situation. I just filled it it as best I could and wrote" Not applicable" on most of the questions which was the truth.. Seems what they are doing should be illegal -especially the forcing aspects of it! :)S

Sharon Carson
 Eagles Dancing
 Coal City
Re: Contacted by USDA Today    (Posted Wed, Feb 20 '13 at 04:54 UTC)

I got a call last night. I was told I would be fined if I refused to do the survey. I currently am not selling any produce or I don't know why they are hassling me.

I got a call about 4 years ago regarding my post and I used their word "organic"....and threatened me with a $5,000.00 fine that time.

I refuse to give any information over the phone.

I have request to have my sites removed from this site because this is the only place I have any of our farm activity listed on the internet.

I hate it.....I love this site!!! But it is being used against us.

I told the person on the phone that I only grow for our personal retailing at all. That didn't matter to her.

I asked why they need the information. Answer: We have been having such terrible nature disasters that the government needs to the information so they can reimburse us money for our loss. What??? The Bullshit meter starting going off!!!!!!

Needless to say I am not happy about this at all!!!

Big Brother can see how many animals I have already with their google map stuff!!! I think they are crossing a line here.

Control the food and water.....control the people. I always that this was bs.....but it looks like that maybe a reality for us all.

 Goose Creek garden
Re: Contacted by USDA Today    (Posted Wed, Feb 20 '13 at 07:26 UTC)

No, the contact info was not taken from tax records ... I'm a gardener who occasionally sells a few tomatoes to a neighbor. This is the ONLY place I have my contact info that includes the name and phone number.

So is this something particular to Michigan?

Interesting ...

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