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Author Topic: Funding for educational ag. production
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Funding for educational ag. production    (Posted Sat, Apr 6 '13 at 06:11 UTC)

I recently purchased 3 acres of farmland just outside the city limits of Madison, WI. I'm planning on turning much of the area into a sustainable system that includes bees, small animals (chickens, rabbits, ducks, etc.), aquaculture, vermiculture, and lots of varied vegetable production. This system would feed my family and those in my immediate community with healthy food, but I'd also like to extend the system further. I'd like to establish a non-profit to educate from this land, helping people learn the importance of developing healthy, small scale, local food production. I can see things like weekend workshops, guest speakers, etc.

My challenge will be, as it always is, the funding. So far I've done everything on my own one penny at a time, but my father (may he rest in peace) used to write grant proposals and get funding for all sorts of non-profit organizations. Does anyone know of an organization or foundation that would grant funding for agrarian, sustainability-related ideas like this one?

Thanks in advance!

Josh Dodge
Re: Funding for educational ag. production    (Posted Sat, Apr 6 '13 at 07:45 UTC)

A few years ago I wrote to over 30 groups, from Microsoft to FarmAid, with the same idea. They all declined because they could not get the tax writeoff (I am not a nonprofit - although I don't really make a profit.) All of these groups feature clever marketing which proclaims their vision of "sustainability," but it is mostly crap. They get tax advantages when you have the federal tax-exmpt status. If you are just feeding people they don't really give a rip.

So . . . concentrate on getting your federal tax-exempt status in place first. It is a 14-page form the last I checked, but it is not really onerous. Since your dad had grant-writing experience, you probably have plenty of knowledge in your memory banks from when he was alive. You just don't realize it.

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Re: Funding for educational ag. production    (Posted Mon, Apr 8 '13 at 05:17 UTC)

Check out with the Slow Money people. They are "for real".

Re: Funding for educational ag. production    (Posted Mon, Apr 8 '13 at 10:43 UTC)

Try crowd funding
this URL has reviews of the top sites

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
 Laurel Highlands PA
Re: Funding for educational ag. production    (Posted Thu, Apr 11 '13 at 11:46 UTC)

You can set up a non profit organization of your own.... takes some money, time, board of directors etc etc... you'll need a solid business plan as well.

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