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Author Topic: Angela--Simple Foods
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  Platte City
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Angela--Simple Foods    (Posted Sun, Apr 14 '13 at 06:26 UTC)

Visiting with you and being at the farm was like a breath of fresh air in my ole soul! Haha I wish I got 2 gallons now after you told me about how great this milk is. I was wondering if u guys were going to be there Sunday anytime? I so want o bring my wife out to see the place, chicks and goat kids--and to meet you. I am excited about the possiblity of getting organic veggies from you too.
I am sorry I forgot the kefir grains, I will bring them Sunday if u want. When I got home, I place some grains in the goat;s milk right away.
The milk tastes so good--and sweet I thought!
Thanks again for such a pleasant experience!

Let food be thy medicine!
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