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Author Topic: No deliveries
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No deliveries    (Posted Mon, Sep 9 '13 at 02:50 UTC)

I apologize for the length ahead of time but i need advice and want to give the full story.
This is the first CSA I've ever done and the spring went well. Fall started up 3 weeks ago and there was no communication to any of us, I just happened to read a Facebook post about 'picking for the CSA' and inquired if it was starting that week. My spring delivery date was a Monday but nothing came that day. I eventually got delivery that Tuesday. The following week I went to pickup Tuesday since I was told that's my new day but nothing was delivered. I ended up finally getting it Thursday. The Tuesday after Labor Day I saw a FB post that the man broke his toe, was in the ER and no more deliveries that day. I was told Wed. Wed I was told Thurs, Thurs a FB post stated delivery Friday. I texted, FB messaged and texted again before driving to pick up Friday and got no response and also no delivery. The FB post from Thursday became a thread for others who didn't get delivery to ask what is going on. Some people have gotten 0 out of 3 deliveries for Fall. Others got 1 or two. The man has not responded to a single call, text or FB post from any of us who were skipped all weekend long. Several said they wanted a refund. I asked what is happening this week around 5pm tonight (Sunday) and got no answer and its 11pm now.
My question is what can I do? Do I have any recourse? I hate that it has come to this and this has truly soured my taste for CSA's but since there are at least 12 of us that I know of who haven't gotten deliveries all 3 weeks, it seems wrong to let him get away with this.
Thanks for your help!

 Grand Rapds
Re: No deliveries    (Posted Tue, Sep 10 '13 at 11:47 UTC)

I wish I had advice for you. don't let this bad experience ruin the whole of the CSA idea .... I had two great years, tried another that is much closer to home and it's been very disappointing.

Won't stop me from going back to the first one or try another AFTER more research.

Re: No deliveries    (Posted Thu, Oct 10 '13 at 08:55 UTC)

I belong to same CSA with same issues, paid for 15 weeks for fall starting August 20 but as of October 10, had 3 deliveries (4 half shares), didn't get last week delivery on weds, promised to have double on Saturday but nothing and no more responses, nothing this week, asked for refund twice and even offered to pick up due to broken toe and many other reasons. I am not only one, soured me on Csa membership as I know I am not rejoining this one and not recommending to friends or family. I know a few who love their experience

Jo Ann Sieger
Re: No deliveries    (Posted Fri, Oct 11 '13 at 09:59 UTC)

This is awful but know that this kind of thing os quite rare with CSA farms. 95%+ deliver the good every week without fail or if they don't communicate with their CSA community as to why food is not coming forth.

I have noticed over the years when I see complaints like this either the CSA farm is under 3 years old and the farmer simply doesn't know what they are doing. Being a CSA farmer is a high skill job and it takes at least 4 years to get decent at the job and that is with an experienced farmer. many people are joining CSA's that are run by newbie farmers who will have a very difficult time getting through a season and seem to get very embarrassed by the failures and quits talking to the membership. These people are not bad people just people who have bitten off way more than they can chew.

But they are not typical of CSA at all.

My suggestion is join another CSA but this time do some homework before shelling out money. Ask how long they have been farming and how long they have been doing a CSA. If it is under 4 years find another farm. Ask the farmer(s) if you can contact current and past members and if they say yes do but realize that most will not respond to an email. You will have better luck calling them on the phone.

As I have said the vast majority of CSA deliver what their members have paid for week after week, year after year but in any industry there are a few bad apples and it is a shame you guys have found one of them.

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
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