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Author Topic: Unhappy CSA Member
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  Grand Rapds
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Unhappy CSA Member    (Posted Tue, Sep 10 '13 at 11:40 UTC)

I don't know what to do other than not join again next year.

This week in my 1/2 share I got 6 yellow apples that feel very waxy, but otherwise look great, 2 onions that obviously aren't fresh, 6 or so carrots that dont look so fresh either, and a nice sizeable head of broccoli .

This s common...a recent basket had 4 plum tomatoes , 4 small green apples, 7 radishes and a kohlrabi.

Previously have been in another wonderful Amish farmers CSA but switched due to the excessive drive...trying to be more local etc!

This one just doesn't feel right....I tried to say something to them once and the one fellow shut me right down .( I was very polite)

Yesterday they had a Met Life insurance salesman there to grab people as we picked up our weekly portion.


 Dr Nance
Re: Unhappy CSA Member    (Posted Sat, Sep 14 '13 at 07:28 UTC)

Sounds to me as if the CSA is struggling to survive and grasping for ways to "partner" (life insurance rep) because, for what ever reason, the crops are not allowing financial health. If this is true, as things get worse with unsatisfactory produce subscribers will leave and fail to renew and so things will get worse yet.

I'd say that if you respect the people, offer to help. The refusal to listen to your valid complaints may not be a sign of rotten people, but overwhelmed people who know they are failing, are working as hard as they can, yet cannot do better and do not have the personal reserve to offer sympathy or refunds or much of anything.

Re: Unhappy CSA Member    (Posted Sat, Sep 14 '13 at 08:01 UTC)

I did a small CSA here as there are more fruits and eggs than my family could eat and I have the skill,equipment water and land to grow on . What I needed was help . Because I do not want to get big enough to hire help. I offered a csa that requires help but also teaches people gardening and preserving skills but only a couple of my friends joined . The average person in society did notrwant to get involved in this sort of CSA . It still cost money up frount but the members are involved in the planting and later the harvest. There was a lot of food.. enough of many things to put up foods for the winter . I asked for 3 hours/ the $600.00 /year financial support. We grew foods year round and offered many fruits . When it got hot, people stopped coming and the harvest was wasted ./ or not planted for fall. I asked them to be here by 6 AM and we were done by 9 with coolers full of food to take home and process . I would say if you really want a full experience with CSA... get involved in the process . It takes so much money and time to grow good foods and IS harder if you use organic methods . Not only can you be tuned into the realities of the farm ,you can learn a lot about growing your own in the future . Here in our gardens we also grow most of our own seeds . I also offered seeds ,plants and advice to the CSA members that had small gardens in their backyards as part of the service. Most CSA's now just has a box you pick up... Few have you go to the farm.... but most welcome help. That is why it says Community SUPPORTED agriculture . If these farms do not succeed , our only choice will be industrialized foods . :)S

Sharon Carson
 Grand Rapds
Re: Unhappy CSA Member    (Posted Sun, Sep 15 '13 at 12:57 UTC)

Thank you both for your thoughtful responses and ideas. I love hearing the different options and ways of doing things, ways of being helpful, more thoughtful etc.

Thanks again....we'll see how the summer ends out. :-)

Re: Unhappy CSA Member    (Posted Sun, Sep 15 '13 at 04:27 UTC)

My problem over the years has been subscribers complaining about too much food.

Catering to the unique Ferndale perspective.
 L'il Farmer
 Big Lake, MN
Re: Unhappy CSA Member    (Posted Tue, Sep 24 '13 at 01:30 UTC)

Well I would like to point out that there are no fresh onions this time of year. They are only harvested once a year. And it would be good to know the price paid. Sometimes you hear about CSAs that only charge like $100 a season.

Grandma's Garden, naturally raised veggies, herbs and cut flowers.
 Grand Rapds
Re: Unhappy CSA Member    (Posted Tue, Sep 24 '13 at 02:05 UTC)

1/2 share was about 300$. Pretty ar for the corse in this area.

Interesting to know that about onions!

I think overall it's been a great growing season.... Here in SW Michigan

In part I'm so spoiled by the first two years with the Amish's just too far away.

I will join a different one next for how they are or are not struggling, it's hard to tell, as I know they have a shed full of for sale veggies every week.... And it just seems like 1/2 the portion in our bags is store bought r something .

As to the suggestion to help's Ill health that keeps me from my own gardening (aside fom some tomato plants ) so....

I'm certainly not trying to be over critical but why put an old onion in a bag when you have shelves of other thins for sale...

Just some rambling thoughts....thanks for the feed all to all!

 Precision John
Re: Unhappy CSA Member    (Posted Fri, Dec 27 '13 at 01:16 UTC)

The most important part of any CSA operation is complete customer satisfaction. I always ask my CSA customers if they are satisfied, and if not, I do whatever is needed to gain their satisfaction. I send my CSA letters out in early January, enclosing a satisfaction form, that they can send with their payment, which is due by mid-March. The form helps me to plan my season around what my customers desire.
We also give credit for unused weeks, which is applied the following year, although we do encourage folks to take extra boxes, to make up for missed weeks. Our last couple of weeks, our boxes are packed with winter storage crops, squash, sweet potatoes, apples, etc. that will store for several months. Complete customer satisfaction is my top priority, no exceptions. J.L. Silver Maples Farm, Hillsville

John S. Lynch
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