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Author Topic: new CSA
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new CSA    (Posted Mon, Nov 18 '13 at 03:25 UTC)

Hello. I am starting a new CSA farm with inherited land with only a small kitchen garden and my urban backyard experience. I had never heard of the CSA concept and out of all the farms around here I only found three listed as CSA's. I think I will have to be missionary about the concept to get customers, but I think it will be worth it.

Re: new CSA    (Posted Mon, Nov 18 '13 at 08:35 UTC)

there are a lot more than 3 CSA in OK and having 3 in your area is actually a lot of CSA's and that is a good thing for you as the concept is not totally foriegn to the local population.

As a CSA farmer with almost 20 years of exp don't spread yourself too thin and promise more than you can comfortably deliver. I have watch more CSA go under after a few years due to farmer burn out and this usually comes from the CSA farmer trying to be all things to their members in order to recruit more members. if you must deliver do it once a week and try to get the members to the farm so they can start connecting the farm with food. Also require that risk be shared. I notice most CSA no longer do this and if they have a failure of any crop they buy it from some place else which means the CSA's bottom line just got a lot weaker.

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
Re: new CSA    (Posted Wed, Dec 11 '13 at 06:05 UTC)

Sounds like you first need the experience of actually farming, knowing what works, what doesn't and how much personal pain you can endure. It goes without saying, farming in painful, unless you hire it all out and then you make no money, certainly not on a small operation.

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