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Author Topic: half cow (Hereford) for sale - Gresham, Oregon
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half cow (Hereford) for sale - Gresham, Oregon    (Posted Thu, Jun 21 '12 at 12:30 UTC)

Half Cow (Hereford) for sale - $3.48/LB (hanging weight)

Cow is on the hoof, so you will be purchasing 1/2 of him (steer) when butchered.
You pay by hanging weight (carcass minus entrails, hoofs, head & hide).
You'd pick up at the butcher - White's Country Meats (cut and wrap).
Note that the cut & wrap costs are NOT included in the hanging weight cost per pound.
If you want standard cuts, then there one cost, if you want the whole (your half) thing ground up, formed into individual 1/8 LB hamburger patties and wrapped with white butcher/freezer paper then, obviously, there is a different cost... you'll need to work this out with White's.

Cow has been fed oregon grass hay through the past winter and has recently been engorging himself on spring grass. He's a happy, healthy cow, and has not been feed any chemicals (antibiotics, steriods, etc.).

A 1,000 lb. steer doesn?t yield 1,000 lbs. of beef.
On the average, that steer yields a 620 lb. carcass.
Approximately 130 lbs. of fat and bone are trimmed off of the carcass, leaving about 490 lbs. of retail beef cuts.

These are approximate, as I have not weighed the cow yet... he is still munching on grass.

So, my ESTIMATE is that he weighs 1,000 pounds. If you purchased HALF of him, then that would be 310 LBS * $3.48 = $1,078.80. THIS IS AN ESTIMATE ? you will pay based on the ACTUAL HANGING WEIGHT.

The butchers normally charge around $0.45/LB for wrapping. That amount is due TO THE BUTCHER when you pick it up.

Here are some good sources:

The Hereford is non-certified organically raised. This is not an auction cull. It is our personal cow from a closed herd and will be butchered for my personal consumption. I am keeping half and selling half.

If you would like to save your order of beef, I will need a one hundred dollar cash deposit, this is so no one else can buy your order of beef from you. When I get your deposit I will put you down as paid your deposit. I will call you the day the cows get slaughtered and let you know how much your order of beef will weigh and cost, I will also put your name on your order of beef that will be at White's Country Meat butcher shop in Gresham. You will only have five days after the cows get slaughtered to pay me for your order of beef , if you do not pay me in time I will keep your deposit and sell your order of beef to someone else.

Non-certified 100% Organic and grass fed Hereford beef for sale. This meat is naturally raised. without hormones, no antibiotics, and no fertilizers. You can't buy it like this in the store. I raise the cows for only one and a half years of age or less. It is hard to find cows like that anywhere else. It will be sold by the half.

You can have the meat processed to whatever cut you would like. You will be giving the cutting instructions to White's Country Meat in Gresham, OR. You will be picking up your order there too. The Hereford will be slaughtered the by June 30, of 2012. So I will need your orders before the cows get slaughtered. Email, and I will get back to you quickly.

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