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Author Topic: Tell me about cow surgery!
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Tell me about cow surgery!    (Posted Thu, Sep 20 '12 at 02:28 UTC)

I'm a veterinary student who has to do an assignment that requires me to talk to a non-Cornell large animal surgeon. Unfortunately I don't know any! I have to write one page about ANY aspect of bovine abdominal surgery.

As a small animal person I am interested in hearing about the challenges and rewards of abdominal surgery in such a big animal. Being used to working on dogs and cats, the world of cow surgery is new and scary. I'd love to hear what an experienced large animal vet has to say about what their favorite surgeries and parts of the procedure are, as well as the surgeries they dread and what specific challenges those pose.

Since this is a forum I'd love to hear lot of opinions. Chime in was a favorite story!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Re: Tell me about cow surgery!    (Posted Sat, Mar 16 '13 at 06:41 UTC)

I am not a veterinarian myself, but I've had to assist with a few Ceasarean sections on some cows and heifers. A couple of times a calf with a navel hernia had to have surgery done on it. It was real high risk with the calf because of the level of general anaesthetic for an animal that's just a baby, not so much with the cows getting C-sections done because they weren't (couldn't rather) be put under to get the procedure done on them.

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