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Author Topic: Bumblebees?
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Bumblebees?    (Posted Thu, Jul 17 '08 at 09:25 UTC)

I need help with bumblebees! There seems to be a nice sized hive under my deck (which is only 8 inches off the ground and inaccessible).

I don't want to kill them - but they get to their hive through the top the deck.

Are they beneficial? They certainly enjoy the flowers. Does anyone know how I can reroute them? Will they return year after year? Thanks!

 Carriage House Farm
 North Bend
Re: Bumblebees?    (Posted Sat, Jul 19 '08 at 07:38 UTC)

Yes, Bumblebees are beneficial. You can seal the hole and if there is an alternative route they will use that route instead.

Unlike bees, whose colonies contain thousands and tens of thousands of bees. Bumblebee clusters tend to be quite small with only several dozen bees.

They tend to be quite docile and do not pose much of a threat to anyone that does not suffer from severe allergic reactions to bee stings.

Bumblebees on a whole are in decline in most major Industrialized nations, mainly due to habitat destruction and pesticides...

...all those pretty manicured lawns come a price well beyond monetary cost.

Richard Stewart Carriage House Farm North Bend, Ohio An Ohio Century Farm
 Hubbard, TX
Re: Bumblebees?    (Posted Fri, Mar 20 '09 at 03:08 UTC)

Bumblebees are also good pollinators. Don't kill them if you can help it.

Lord, that we may live more abundantly...
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