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Author Topic: beekeeping classes
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beekeeping classes    (Posted Tue, Nov 18 '08 at 03:28 UTC)

I would like to know if anyone knows of any beekeeping classes near Abilene, Texas or where to get info on bees, hives, etc. I really would like to start doing this.

Re: beekeeping classes    (Posted Tue, Nov 18 '08 at 04:03 UTC)

I am from PA. This is my first year in beekeeping. I don't know of any Beekeeping clubs in TX. Check out Bee Culture website, this has information about clubs around the country.There are a lot of books on beekeeping. I started with Beekeeping for Dummies by Howland Blackiston. This book is excellent. For beekeeping supplies you can start with Dadant Company. They have everything. I hope this will help you. Andy

Re: beekeeping classes    (Posted Fri, Dec 31 '10 at 05:53 UTC)

I belong to a chemical free bee keeping club and we have classes near bryan tx email me if your interested

Re: beekeeping classes    (Posted Sat, Jan 1 '11 at 02:50 UTC)

Check your USDA dept in your area for the classes and to get all your supplies a great company out of Florida - Dadant in HIgh Springs florida 386-454-0237, my husband gets all of his supplies from this company. He started with one hive that he got from his sister for his birthday 3 yrs ago we now have 10 hives and lots of yummy honey.

Happy Beekeeping

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Re: beekeeping classes?    (Posted Thu, Sep 20 '12 at 06:56 UTC)

i need some funny book titles for my database im working on for a class project There alot to pick from so im asking u guys to help me pick.

Patrici aillespie
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