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Author Topic: Need your Help on reviewing an Ebook.
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Need your Help on reviewing an Ebook.    (Posted Wed, Nov 11 '09 at 10:26 UTC)

We are considering marketing an eBook for this publishing company. Before we do, we need to know that it is a product that consumers want.

Therefore, we are looking for test Marketers with an interest in Bee Keeping. If you are passionate about Bee Keeping then we invite you to apply for an opportunity to a complimentary copy of the The Secret Book of Beekeping eBook.

As it is offered to you at no charge, we only ask that you review the book and send us back your thoughts. We would like to use your testimonials in our marketing and will require a minimum of your first name and Initial as well as your location - ex. Jane D. From Happyville, Kentucky.

If you can offer further information such as your full name, a photo and your experience in the Bee Keeping we would be delighted to display your comments and photo as well.

By returning your testimonial you are granting full and unrestricted rights to use your response in our marketing campaign. We will not sell or further distribute your submission and will never attempt any spam or email marketing campaign back to you.

Send me an email if your interested and will send you back the Ebook for the Review.

Re: Need your Help on reviewing an Ebook.    (Posted Mon, Sep 27 '10 at 06:07 UTC)

I'd love to read your e-book.

I've published six e-books on beekeeping and found most beekeepers prefer hard copies.

Nevertheless, we must forge on into the paperless green revolution.


Re: Need your Help on reviewing an Ebook.    (Posted Mon, Sep 27 '10 at 05:50 UTC)

My husband is big into beekeeping, we started with one hive 4 years ago and now we have 10. When I can't find him he is with the bee's.

I would like a copy of the ebook. thanks

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