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Author Topic: Honey
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Honey    (Posted Fri, Jun 11 '10 at 08:53 UTC)

I was curious to know if there are any local beekeepers in or around Gratiot County MI that sell their honey for a reasonable price. I am new to the area and would appreciate any help.


Alyssa Walters
 Golden Delight Honey
Re: Honey    (Posted Mon, Jul 11 '11 at 07:46 UTC)

Check the National Honey Board's Honey Locator
Search by state, floral, etc.

James Henderson
Commercial Beekeeper
Golden Delight Honey, LLC
7366 Waxhaw Highway
Lancaster, SC 29720
(225) 803-5406

James Henderson Golden Delight Honey, LLC. Lancaster, SC 29720 225-803-5406 (cell)
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