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Author Topic: Easy Steps In Setting Up A Beekeeping Hive
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Easy Steps In Setting Up A Beekeeping Hive    (Posted Mon, Dec 27 '10 at 03:30 UTC)

Bees need a hive to thrive. It is their home and any beekeeper should set up a beekeeping hive because eventually, that is where they're going to get the honey. If you want to learn how to set up a beekeeping hive, just follow the simple steps below:

- Bee smokers
- Beekeeper gloves
- 3 pounds of bees
- Beekeeping equipment
- Some beekeeping journals
- Bee feeders
- Holly seeds
- Bee veils
- Honey locust seeds
- Bee medications
- Sweet clover seeds
- Pens

Step #1: The perfect time to set up the hive is before early spring so you can catch the first nectar flow. During which time, purchase 3 pounds of bees and place them inside the hive you made earlier or a ready-made hive that you bought.

Step #2: Feed the bees until they begin to produce honey. This usually happens when the plants and trees start to bloom.

Step #3: Check the bees regularly for any signs of disease.

Step #4: When the six frames of the hive are filled with capped honey, add a super.

Remember to:

1. Coordinate with city ordinances involving beekeeping hives.
2. Place your beekeeping hive in a location that gets morning sunlight but is kept in a shade in the late afternoon.
3. Avoid locations that are near pathways or your neighbor's yard.
4. Ensure that bees can access a water source that doesn't require them to go all the way to your neighbor.
5. Plant flowers and shrubs that have pollen and that attract bees.

If you want to learn more about beekeeping hives and how to make one, go to

Dean Montford
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