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Author Topic: Beekeeping Supplies
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Beekeeping Supplies    (Posted Sun, Jan 30 '11 at 05:10 UTC)

The right beekeeping supplies are every beekeeper's closest friends. So what are these supplies that a beekeeper needs?

First of all, every beekeeper needs a BEEHIVE that comes with a 1) hive body 2) gueen excluder 3) frames 4) bottom board 5) fume boards 6) and a cover.

Another beekeeping supply that you might need is a SMOKER. This will help calm down the bees so you will less likely be stung when you approach them.

Third, you will also be needing FEEDERS from which the bees will be feeding.

Fourth, BLOCKERS are also necessary to keep any small creature from getting into the hive.

Optional beekeeping equipment include any protective gear such as suits, gloves, a beekeeping hat and a veil.

If you want to learn more about the importance of beekeeping supplies, you can go to:

Dean Montford
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