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Author Topic: Disappearing bees??
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  farmer brian
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Disappearing bees??    (Posted Sat, Mar 3 '07 at 11:43 UTC)

Our beekeeper was out Friday and all the hives were empty. They were clean, no dead, no live bees, plenty of honey. He said this was happening to all his hives and many others across the midwest. I just wandered if anyone else was having the same experience.

Re: Disappearing bees??    (Posted Sun, Mar 4 '07 at 05:55 UTC)

Sounds like colony collapse. there have been several articles about this lately. No one knows the cause but this effecting something like 39 states, parts of canada and parts of Europe. Been going on for 2 years

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
 We Be Growin'
Re: Disappearing bees??    (Posted Tue, Apr 17 '07 at 05:05 UTC)

Today (April 16) Paul Harvey did a wonderful piece on this story. I advise you to find it on the web or a radio station excerpt or it. Too long to go over all of it with you - but very interesting and on point to your questions.

Ron & Tamie Odom
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