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Author Topic: 1-2 oz honey bears.
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1-2 oz honey bears.    (Posted Wed, May 4 '11 at 11:56 UTC)

Im a chef looking to find some 1-2 oz mini plastic honey bears that would be used for samples or something. I am thinking of using it as a saucing. Device on a new dish. Does any one know where I can buy these in bulk empty??

Please help me.

 Golden Delight Honey
Re: 1-2 oz honey bears.    (Posted Mon, Jul 11 '11 at 03:42 UTC)

Hello Chef

In case no one has responded, you can get 1 oz plastic bears from Dixie Bee Supply in Lancaster, SC. Their website is

Dixie Bee Supply & Country Store
4072 Pageland Hwy
Lancaster, SC 29720-7263
803-285-BEES (2337)
Cell: 803-577-7871

I use the bears for sample of my honey given out with my business card.

James Henderson
Commercial Beekeeper
Golden Delight Honey, LLC
7366 Waxhaw Highway
Lancaster, SC 29720
(225) 803-5406

James Henderson Golden Delight Honey, LLC. Lancaster, SC 29720 225-803-5406 (cell)
Re: 1-2 oz honey bears.    (Posted Fri, Oct 12 '12 at 07:42 UTC)

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