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Author Topic: Bee hive Ideas
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  Solar Max
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Bee hive Ideas    (Posted Thu, May 12 '11 at 04:14 UTC)

Been considering a design for a new kind of hive.
1. the hive would a single comb thick, 4ft high.
2. the exterior of the hive would be clear (monitoring and education demo)
3. the comb would travel through the hive (entering and exiting the hive through a rubber doors that would sweep the bees off the comb before clearing the exit seal) moving about 1 inch per day.

Also is anyone using mycelia and fungi sugar to feed bees during the winter

Stephen Pahl Solarmax Farm Hyper Intensive Organic, Sustainable Permaculture Research
Re: Bee hive Ideas    (Posted Sun, May 6 '12 at 03:49 UTC)

Might want to rephrase some of this, it's not very clear...

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