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Author Topic: Bee Keeping
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  Bill Woods
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Bee Keeping    (Posted Thu, Mar 29 '07 at 10:35 UTC)

I have a very strange Question. Is there such a think as Bees that do not sting. I was thinking there was. And if there is does any on know how some one could acquire that type of bees to start 3 to 4 hives. Thanks for you time

Bill Woods

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Bill Woods
Re: Bee Keeping    (Posted Mon, May 7 '07 at 06:02 UTC)

Yes, there is such a thing as a stingless bee that produces honey. They don't produce a lot of honey, but will produce some surplus to harvest under the right conditions. I know some are in Austrailia (See ) I don't know of any in the US and importing them probably isn't an option. Note though, that they do have defenses. This will bite and apparently have chemicals in their saliva that can cause pain. May not be as bad as a sting, but they can bit unlimited times.

With proper protection, a smoker, working methods and a gentle breed of bees such as Carnolians, stinging should only be a minor issue.


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