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Author Topic: Warre hive
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Warre hive    (Posted Fri, Dec 16 '11 at 06:20 UTC)

Have y'all had any experience with the Warre hive?

Re: Warre hive    (Posted Sun, May 6 '12 at 03:46 UTC)

Beautiful hives, complicated to build. Works much like Langstroth's hive...moveable frames and all, difference is that the brood nest is on top instead of the bottom.

Re: Warre hive    (Posted Wed, May 9 '12 at 05:40 UTC)

I have studied Mr. Warre's writings and have adapted his calculations to better fit our lumber measurements. I will get a few hive built this fall and test them next spring. I will report my results.

Re: Warre hive    (Posted Mon, Mar 18 '13 at 09:09 UTC)

We did some recalculation to fit the lumber, too. We'd be real interested to see what you came up with. Let us know how they turned out.

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